Top Ten Reality TV Real Estate Shows

July 19th, 2011

TopReality Real Estate ShowsYou have to admit, the home remodeling process makes for excellent television. Luckily, there’s a host of reality shows to capture the good, bad, and yes, the ugly of what goes down behind the scenes. Whether your dream is to sell your house faster, redesign the neighbor’s family room or follow some of the world’s most acclaimed (and expensive) designers, reality real estate shows offer something for everyone.

Below we have ranked 10 shows that have us thinking we should take down that wall, paint the kitchen or flip that house down the block.

#1) Spouse vs. House (TLC) – New to TLC this year, this show offers couples cash to remodel a few rooms in their home. But there’s a catch: only one partner will be making the decisions and doing much of the renovation themselves (spoiler alert: it’s typically the “irresponsible” husband).  For three weeks, one partner has to move out while the other tries to create their “dream home.”  We predict that a lot of mayhem ensues once those three weeks are up.
Spouse Vs House Makeover
#2) Trading spaces (TLC) – This hour long reality show had a cult following for the eight years it was on-air. The show featured two sets of neighbors redecorating rooms in each other’s homes in just 48 hours with a budget of only $1,000. On day two, the transformations are revealed and some neighbors did not take it well. You can still check out the reruns or click here to see when good intentions meet bad design.
#3) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) – This hour long show gives one deserving family a complete home makeover in just seven days. For one week, the community pitches in to help expert contactors and designers design and build each home with the latest technology. Our favorite parts:  When the family screams  ‘move that bus’ to reveal the huge mansion where their old home once stood,  and when the kids open the door to their tricked out bedrooms designed with their favorite sport or hobby in mind.

#4) Million Dollar Decorators (BRAVO) – The network’s latest series follows five of the most sought-after interior decorators as they manage high stress renovations and decorations from their wealthy, famous and sometimes challenging clients. Tune in to get a behind the scenes look at some of the most extravagant homes and personalities in the world.

Million Dollar Designers

$5) Secrets from a Stylist (HGTV) – Secrets From a Stylist takes a tailor-made approach to styling a room as Design Star (HGTV), a reality design competition to win a show on HGTV. Winner and professional prop stylist, Emily Henderson, customizes a room layer by style layer to ultimately help the homeowners discover their individualized personal taste.

#6) My House is Worth What? (HGTV) – This show takes us behind the scenes as homeowners work to maximize their homes’ value. With the help of a professional assessment and evaluation from local market experts, they’ll get the inside scoop on how well their exertions have (or haven’t) paid off.

#7) Flip That House (TLC) – A half-hour reality show that reveals the transformation of a newly purchased house. Each episode documents the step-by-step makeover and offers tips and tricks along the way. At end, each home is appraised and put on the market with the intention of sale.  It being a reality show, it often gives us lessons on what not to do when flipping a house (which of course, is also what makes it fun to watch).

Moving Up#8) Moving Up (TLC) – Did you ever wonder what happens to your home after you move? Did the new owners remodel your kitchen or revamp your beautiful landscaping? This show reveals what happens after the new owners arrive and redecorate. The big reveal is usually an older couple revisiting their once modest home to find it is completely different. Their reaction never fails to disappoint.

#9) Bought & Sold (HGTV) – This is the reality of real estate, focusing on the drama and stories behind the sales and extremes brokers will go to just to get the deal. Get inside the head of the buyer’s agent and find out just how far they will go to get the contract signed.

#10) Secrets that Sell (HGTV) – This new series features real estate pros that make sure their sellers leave no money on the table at closing. They use their expertise to size up home that will have trouble selling. They detail the short list of must-dos to maximize the home’s value and get the offer.

Secrets that Sell

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